Shooting is an Olympic sport that develops a strong self-esteem, personal growth, self control and concentration.

It’s suitable for both men and women of all ages and if practiced amateur level, it doesn’t require particular physical training.

I organize personalized Shooting Experiences, individually or in groups in order to develop their shooting ability, from amateurs to professionals. Shooting experiences take place outdoors in a nice and dynamic environment. The goal is to obtain the best performance among the players, captivating them both physically and mentally.

Living these experiences individually, they allow a real personal growth, increasing self-esteem and concentration. They help one stay focused towards an aim either athletic or not, even under pressure.

As an athlete first and as an instructor afterwards I can easily relate with the participants in the shooting experience because I understand the feelings that can arise in certain situations.

During these shooting experiences short – medium – long term purposes are planned and personalized performance profiles are developed.

The training technique, the constant research of new solutions allow the participants in the shooting experience to develop to the best their abilities. All the shooting experiences can be organizes in Italy and abroad.